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Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is the breakdown of organic materials such as grass silage and manure by fermentation to produce natural biogas.

The process is completed in a series of closed tanks and the biogas produced is then used to power a generator to produce renewable electricity, heat and digestate.

This electricity is then sold on to the grid and ROCs gained due to the process being renewable.

The heat can also be used for example to heat water or buildings and the nutrient rich digestate can also be utilised as a fertiliser.

The use of AD plants can help reduce carbon emissions in Northern Ireland in a number of ways:

  • Biogas is a replacement for non-renewable fossil fuels
  • Reducing or eliminating the energy footprint of waste treatment plants
  • Reducing methane emission from landfills
  • Displacing industrially produced chemical fertilizers
  • Air Core are currently in the process of developing their first farm based AD plant.