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Practical On-farm Renewable Energy event at CAFRE’s Greenmount Campus

Posted on November 01, 2012

Agri-business is one of the leading lights of the Northern Ireland economy. Farmers here, through their commitment to radical product and process innovation, have shown that they are willing to embrace new opportunities and technologies to secure long-term sustainability.

That’s why we at Air Core are pleased to be attending the ‘Practical on-farm renewable energy event’ CAFRE’s Greenmount campus on 30th October. A focus on renewable energy, particularly in the form of wind turbines sited on land owned by local farmers, has already delivered substantial benefits to farmers who have sought to diversify their revenue streams. This sustainable approach can benefit even more people.

The farming community already does excellent work in preserving and enhancing the rural environment – a goal that’s shared by our team. The practical advice, and real-life case studies being delivered at this event will demonstrate the exciting potential of using renewable energy to complement the core business of a farm and secure long-term revenues.

Our company, Air Core, has already partnered with over 70 farmers in Northern Ireland to identify and develop sites for wind turbine development. We know the unique challenges faced by those seeking to understand this sector and we have real expertise in helping farmers unlock the value of their land.

Using on average just a couple of square metres per farm, we’re building a network that will deliver excellent rental returns for farmers as well as helping Northern Ireland meet its renewable electricity targets – our aim to build 100 medium-size wind turbine sites would deliver enough electricity to power 14,000 homes here.

We’ve recently got our first turbine up and running near Dromara – and with two more sites under construction and 21 approved planning applications, we’re already seeing exciting results that are of real benefit to our partner farmers and their local communities.

In our organisation we have decades of experience in the planning and construction industries so we can work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure the efficient completion of any project. In doing so, we’re taking a bold step to show the rest of the UK how beneficial renewable energy can be.

Air Core is in the business of long-term partnership. We’ve begun the process of building our network and with 50 applications live we’re making great strides in putting in place world-class energy infrastructure across Northern Ireland.

We feel that this is an excellent opportunity for land-owners in Northern Ireland to enhance their core business. Those interested can bring their farm plans along, where one of our team will be able to provide an on-the-spot assessment to see if there’s an opportunity for development on your farm.

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