February 2023

When in Rome Wine

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The wine industry has a problem. 39% of its C02 emissions globally stem from the production and transportation of single use glass bottles. When in Rome is on a mission to solve this and decarbonise the wine industry.

Founded in 2015 by CEO Rob Malin on a passion for great wine and an urgent need to reduce the wine industry’s carbon footprint, When in Rome is the UK’s leading ‘alt format’ wine brand, commercialising craft Italian wine in low carbon packaging such as Paper bottles, Bag-in-box and Cans. In 2021, When in Rome became the first UK wine brand to publish the carbon footprint of their products on the consumer packaging, as part of their pledge to climate transparency and as of writing, is B Corp Status pending. Working in partnership with their producers, When in Rome is continually striving to reduce their carbon footprint further by optimising the supply chain and through renewable energy sources such as agrivoltaics.

Listed in Sainsburys, Ocado, Waitrose and the UK’s leading wine and spirits supplier Enotria & Coe, revenue has grown more than 5x to over £1m in the last 4 years and is projected to reach £4m in 2023.

Aircore has supported this growth through an equity investment in January 2023, Aircore also recognises the steep hill to climb by consumer brands in achieving net zero carbon for their products and the steps When in Rome has taken in carbon reduction innovations of its current and future product lines.

Craft wine from real producers – When in Rome Wine

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